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There are two ways for people to come to Australia permanently. One is the normal migration program and the other is a smaller one called the humanitarian program to cope with refugees and special needs. We will concentrate on the migration program, but should anybody require humanitarian information we will be pleased to oblige.


Within the normal migration programme, there are three ways it is possible for people to come to Australia permanently

· skilled migration: there are a number of categories for people who have certain business skills, or other special talents

· family migration: enables people to be sponsored by relatives who are already Australian citizens

· special eligibility migration: applies to former citizens or residents wanting to return to Australia

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There are over a 100,000 places still available on the 2004-2005 program, especially if you have a particular skill or are prepared to live in the regional areas. However it is a significant step to take, so If you want to migrate, you should also research topics such as living costs, employment conditions, social security aspects, medical costs and other associated areas.

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