ok so im only 18 but ive always wanted to move to somewhere like Australia, im from Wales-UK and im hoping to possibly move and get settled in Australia in my early 20s hopefully, but the problem is i have hardly any work experience, and im quite shy so finding a job is kinda difficult for me just in the UK, so im just thinking even if i did manage to move to Australia, id have no idea what to do for a place to stay/job ect, not to mention the visas and whatever permissions (got no clue about all that stuff)

so i was just wondering if some people can give me a bit of info on what i should be looking into and doing if i was to move to Australia

doubt this is much relevance but thought id say anyways...
currently doing photography in college (falling a bit behind if im honest too) also done Public Services, 1 year course (btec) the year before

thanks in advance for any help